Rescheduling Anxiety

Published on 12 May 2023 at 16:04

Anxiety can make it hard to feel anything else. Even when I am safe at home, I sometimes feel like I need to go outside for fresh air or sunlight. It is surreal to realize that my feelings and perceptions are distorted by anxiety. Sometimes a shower can help me relax, but other times it can make me feel more overwhelmed. I also try to distract myself by reading, watching something, or talking to someone. Lately, I have been praying and exploring my spirituality. It is vital for me. I ask for help and express my gratitude for what I have and have had. This helps me to have a better mindset and appreciate the simple things around me. Being alive is a gift and I want to experience it fully. When I do that, the original anxiety fades away. I think it starts with a feeling of uncertainty, maybe a doubt or fear that my thoughts pick up and try to solve. That creates panic that feeds back into my nervous system and makes me feel more sensations. It is interesting and curious how this happens. There are many factors that can trigger it, such as diet, environment, Wi-Fi, tiredness, and life's demands. It feels like a fight or flight response on overdrive and a constant reminder of everything in my mind. It can be too much to handle without releasing some energy and expressing myself in healthy ways. Otherwise, it builds up like a pressure cooker and causes more anxiety.


I feel thankful for the opportunity to enjoy another day and to do something meaningful with my partner and friend. I want to improve my organization skills in my weekly schedule. I believe that by planning ahead, I can balance my spiritualities, my practices, my obligations, my work, my goals and all my endeavors. I can express my gratitude by using my gifts in an organized and intentional way. By avoiding unnecessary chaos, I can focus better and resist distractions. I can achieve every goal and move on to the next without wasting time and energy. This week, I have goals and interests in different areas: personal, emotional, spiritual, social, work, growth, self-care, home, community and physical. I also have family goals and other long-term commitments that need to be cared for and followed through despite any challenges. I know that the best way to lead myself is to follow the best examples. I want to surpass the normal standards of achievement and success and align them with my vision. I plan to shatter the measuring stick by needing several of them to measure my persistence through hardships.


In summary, anxiety is a pervasive issue that affects many people, and it can be difficult to manage. However, it is possible to find healthy ways to cope, such as meditating, exploring spirituality, and seeking help from loved ones or professionals. It is also important to be mindful of factors that trigger anxiety, like diet, environment, and exhaustion. By taking care of ourselves through balanced schedules and intentional living, we can reduce stress and anxiety and live grateful, fulfilling lives. I would love to hear from you, dear reader, about your experiences with anxiety and how you manage it. What coping strategies have worked well for you? Let's start a conversation and support one another on our journeys towards mental wellness.

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Jena Klein
a year ago


I experience the symptoms of anxiety for the reasons you mentioned, AS WELL AS because of feelings of uncertainty and affliction about decisions and situations in my life that cause me doubt and feelings of inner conflict. I think personal inner conflict would make a great topic for a deep-dive discussion in one of your blogs.
Thanks for your effort and motivation and love that you share with the world through your site. Bless you and amen!